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Orna and Yair Canaan Gallery

Canaan Gallery was founded in 1992 by Orna and Yair Mor in the artist colony of Safed. This old mountain town is the cradle of the mystical teachings of Judaism. The Zohar being written there in the 12th century and the Kabalah written a few hundred years later, have attracted mystics to live and study in Safed from all parts of the world. This atmosphere has greatly affected the work and designs being done at Canaan Gallery. Orna and Yair design and hand weave unique judaica and ceremonial objects, the weaving is done primarily in a locally grown cotton that is taken from the mills in the early stages of processing, the fiber is natural very soft and silky to the touch when designing our work we try to imagine what the fabrics and color patterns were like, how they were used to create different sensations and atmosphere. We try to capture the essence of the ideas that caused the creation of the ceremonial objects that we now use.

Orna studied artistic weaving at an art school in Tel Aviv and jewelry design in Jerusalem, has been weaving for 17 years and is among the top weavers in Israel her designs are well known and unique.

Yair is a self taught artist whose work is inspired by nature, its colors and shades, textures and tranquility as seen in the hills of the Galilee that surround Safed from All sides.

The tapestries, wall hangings, hupot, parochet, talit, hallah and matza covers designed and woven at Canaan Gallery can be found in many homes and private colections around the world.

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