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Special cultural encounters

Special cultural encounters 

The many faces of Israel will reveal to you
in various cultural encounters. 
Israel is an active melting pot of cultures an
one of the most interesting things in a tour abroad
is the interaction with the culture and the people.
We will create opportunities
for such encounters!! 

- Insights to various, securities,
  economical and social needs. 

- Creating opportunities for multi level connections. 

- Providing the back ground for meeting directly
  the Israeli people and hearing their views,
  opinions and dreams.

- Exposure to the many faces of Israel by meeting
  army units, ultra orthodox, settlers, left wing Israelis,
  Bedouins, Druze, Kibbutz, politicians and any other
  group or field you'll have interest in. 

- Exposure and helping in creating opportunities to 
  examine and participate with Tzdakah Projects. 

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