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Tailor made Tours

Let me know your dream of Israel and I'll make it come true !! 

My reputation is based on my sensitive personality and ability to help you become an active part in the process of creating your own tour.
Based on my extensive professional touring experience with 
many groups, families and individuals, you will be able 
to use my advice to create the BEST and most suitable tour 
for your needs!! 

To better experience Israel 
you'll need programs that will 
suit your needs best as possible. 

We will e-mail, talk and in most cases, even meet 
face to face in your own living room to discus your 
itinerary in detail and to fine tune the plan. 

I willl recommend accommodations that will suit your comfort 
and budqet, from B&B's to luxurious hotels. 

Each tour is as individual and unique as our clients.

As you are special - so will your tour be!!!  

Most important :  my middle name is "flexible" 
and  your tour will be, too !

so if you suddenly remembered your "lost cousin" somewhere in Israel, 
we will find him for lunch… 

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