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Ask Nir - FAQ 

We have decided to put together some of the more common questions,
we have come across, so maybe some answers for your own questions 
can be found in here...

  • We love the Israeli army. Will you be able to arrange for us a meeting with Israeli soldiers at their base?
    By large – YES. Yet not always into a specific base, this is all subjected to the I D F and it's needs . it is almost always that we will be able to get you into some base during your tour and if you are into MORE we will handle it with F I D F and the army spoksman.
  • I heard you come to the U S from time to time and lecture about Israel. What are the topics and how do we coordinate a lecture?
    I do get to the U S at list twice a year and visit with my next year tours… Meanwhile I do speak about Israel with whomever is willing to hear me. The topics will be created and adjusted with you to the target crowd ( I just came back recently and during my tour spoke in a church in the Midwest , at a reform synagogue , at Regent University and in a Jewish high school … The "main" topic was to bring some of Israel into my crowed for a short lecture. I preserve myself as "the man in the street" , I'm you and your next door neighbor , I'm the next gay in the parents board .. BUT I'm also a retired Lot Col. , with many years of military experience , I'm father of 3 and a history "freak" I'm the salt of the earth of Israel and I'll bring this into your classroom!!
  • I found on your website that you also deal with art and a few artists are represented on your website: can we meet any of them, or even order or buy art from them? How do the art show events work?"
    SO it looks like you "dipped" into my website… in 2001 as a result of long tourism crises I established a co op of 15 Israeli artists and we exposed and marketed their art in the U S at different congregations who supported Israel. The idea is that someone – usually a congregation – host our co op for few days of an art event. We usually bring some of the artists with us and supply some presentations / lectures about Israel during the visit. On your tour you'll be able to meet some of the artists on our "gang" , see and even by their art. (fulfill the 11th commandment- "thy shall support the economy of Israel" ) If any of the artists you see on the web is "turning on" your desires we will be happy to connect you directly with him or her.
  • We heard from relatives that there is an option of spending a few nights at a B&B and that some of them are of very high quality. What is your recommendation? Are they higher or lower in price?
    There are some beautiful B&B's in Israel – the "concept" is growing every day. It has to suite your family / nature using places like this !! They will always be smaller than hotels and therefore no "public" areas, usually in romantic isolated areas and will require some traveling in and out of and the price will not be significantly lower than a nice hotel BUT the experience if you are up to it will be unique and rewarding!! You'll get to see and know some "real locals" , you'll get the slower more peacefully adventure and in many cases "spoiling" little places in remote and off the bitten passes. It is VERY important that if you decide to use B&B's you'll consult us first!! We do have LOTS of experience with B&B's.
  • We will be in Israel only for 5 days. Please let us know how to make the best out of the time we have.
    We in Israel say that though we no longer perform miracles here – we can still do the impossible (almost) – we strongly recommend you'll come here for longer tour!!! BUT – if 5 touring days is all you have… then we will spend at list 2 of them in Jerusalem, we will descend for a day to the lowest place on earth – the Dead Sea and Masada and we will spend 2 days either in the north OR if you are an urban "animal" we will spend to magical days in the city that never sleeps – Tel Aviv area.
  • Can you create "specialty oriented tours" around a specific topic? Our family LOVES nature and we all dive and love watching birds."
    YES – as it is on our flag- the tour is yours!!! We are here only to help you make it better!!! We already produced desert survival tours camping out , bicycles tours , birds watching tours and for divers – we supplied a sail boat with professional dive instructors at the red sea!! ALL is possible – TELL us your dream, we will help you make it!!
  • We are planning a tour next year with our 3 young kids (aged 3,5 and 7) and our 77 and79-year old parents. can we integrate activities that will suit both our kids and our parents on the same tour? Is there a "minimum" age for kids?"
    Having 3 kids myself (though now a bit older…) I do believe kids are a grate privilege in life and highly recommend bringing kids at any / every age that you fill comfortably traveling with them!!! We will supply from baby sitting for your very young kids while you are touring the holocaust memorial to activities that will attract all ages (though not always at the same time) the spectrum is endless, from archeological dig to horse back ride and all in between. Our main MOTO is that we are here – to help you create better tour that will suit your needs and desires!! Remind you – my middle name is "flexible" and so is the itinerary!! The main goal we have is to supply for you a lifetime memorable experience and to share with you some of the grate love and passion we have for the "land of the Jews"
  • We are celebrating our son's Bar Mitzvah on this tour. Will you be able to take care of all components?
    YES – we will supply all that you'll ask us for!! From "exotic" idea's of where to have the party – traditional OR Not. To help book a Rabbi of your religious flavor, we will get photographer / videographer for you , a special dinner/lunch party , an educational project for the Bar Mitzvah (such as special service at Yad Vashem in memory and honor of family victims or "just" a young Jewish kid who did not get to celebrate. The event will be oriented towards the connection to Israel and the Jewish people.
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