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Dear friends,

We have recently upgraded some of our Israeli tour packages and our goal is to offer you

the best experience possible featuring our superb tour guides.


Information on touring is now available at

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About Our Guides
The key to the success of any tour is the tour guide and we take care to work only with those guides who have extensive experience guiding both groups and individuals, are personable and have proven that they conduct themselves with the highest level of professionalism. All our guides have shown themselves to be sensitive to the clients' needs and capable of handling any situation that might arise during the course of the trip.  In addition, we take pride in our ability to assign the most appropriate tour guide to each tour, whether it be a family tour, a professional mission or a pilgrimage.

Nir Nitzan - Team Leader 

Nir is a 3rd generation sabra (Israeli-born), whose great grandfather settled in Israeli more than 100 years ago. Nir's father was a rose farmer and Nir was raised on a collective farm known as a moshav. He served in the army as commander of a reconnaissance unit and eventually rose to the rank of Lt. Colonel.  Nir still volunteers in the unit that he commanded for almost 20 years.


A licensed tour guide since 1988, Nir has over the years guided a large variety of groups:

Ronny Simon

Ronny Simon is an Israeli historian and licensed tour guide who has been guiding in Israel for over 20 years, making him an expert in the history and geography of the country.  He regularly speaks at church conferences, colleges and universities in the U.S.A. about the history of Israel and current events in the Middle East.

Noam Kalev

Born in Jerusalem, Noam’s family moved to Dimona as a child where he spent the rest of his childhood.  He served in the Pioneer Combatant Youth Brigade and was part of the “garin” (core) group that established Kibbutz Holit.

Dr. Menachem Merhavy.jpg
Dr. Menachem Merhavy 

A native Israeli and licensed tour guide for over 20 years, Menachem’s love for learning about Israel motivated him to become a tour guide and this in turn brought him to an intellectual journey, learning Arabic and Persian and specializing in the modern Middle East.  

Yohay Avrahami 

Yohay, a graduate of Bar Ilan University with a specialty in history and geography, has been a licensed tour guide for almost 30 years. Following his service in the IDF he worked in agriculture at Kibbutz Regavim, where he still lives with his wife and 3 children, and then worked as a counselor at Jewish summer camps in France and the USA. During this time he also hiked and toured in Scandinavia, in the USA and in South America.

Amit Greenfeld

Amit holds a BA in History and International Relations from The Hebrew University and is a graduate of Tel Aviv University's Master's program in Public Policy.  During his service in the IDF he served in a combat infantry brigade and was released in 2002 with the rank of major.

Dan Makover

After completing his military service where he served as a Captain, Dan studied Communications and Broadcasting at The Hebrew University and went into the field of broadcasting where he worked for 11 years. Since 2008 he has been working as a licensed tour guide for groups and individuals throughout the country.

Roee Bar.jpg
Roee Bar 

Roee has worked as a tour guide for over 20 years, first with the Protection of Nature in Israel and then at the Israeli School of Tourism.  He has the highest awareness for service and works both with groups and private car tours and is deeply familiar with all the diverse aspects of Israeli’s society. 

Sagi Assedo.jpg
Sagi Assedo

Sagi hails from Bat Hefer in central Israel and did his military service as a paratrooper, finishing up as Sergeant Major. Holder of a BA in “New Media and Communication, Sagi worked for 9 years as a senior tour guide at the famous Ayalon Institute “Bullet Factory” Museum and in 2014 received his official license from the Ministry of Tourism.

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