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Bat & Bar mitzvah Tours

A life time experience
Life time opportunity to bring together
Jewish values at the land of the Jews.

We'll create a family adventure in the
most unique sights that will be tailor 
made to the family character from the
traditional western wall through the 
Robinson's arch at the south part of
the western wall and the south steps to Masada .

Or - a little different - up in the Galilee or Golan
in an ancient synagogue, down in the high Desert
or in the Ayalon institute or even by the sea side.

It is all about the family desire!! 


You'll name the idea we will find the way to execute. 
A ceremony of your choice
(Orthodox, Conservative, Reform,)
We will take care of all arrangements
connecting you to the right Rabbi, 
meals before or after, photographers,
music and anything else you can think 
or ask for!

Bat & Bar mitzvah Tours_01.jpg
Bat & Bar mitzvah Tours_03.jpg
Bat & Bar mitzvah Tours_02.jpg
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