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Have A Clue

Have a clue

Mysteries have always surrounded the Holy Land of Israel. Since the beginning facts and fiction have intertwined as many stories were conceived and passed down from generation to generation while trying to portray the reality and thoughts of historic events that took place over time.


Today, aided by the mountains of data and the technology that brings it to every one's home and fingertips, we have decided to bring to our viewers/readers the facts and figures that we've gathered and which we believe can be of use to all.


If there is anything more about which you'd like to learn, we'd be delighted to hear from you.  You can contact us via this website and we'll be happy to incorporate the data into the website.


We hope we have succeeded in increasing your knowledge about Israel and the Holy Land.


Nirtours4u DATA CENTER



The Flag
White & Blue Star of David




Symbol of the State
7 candle Menorah











National Anthem














Continent: Asia

Official Languages:

Hebrew, Arabic

Capital City:

Parliamentary democracy

Mr. Reuven Rivlin 

Prime Minister:
Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu

Declaration of Independence:

May 14, 1948







20,770 Kilometer

Population: 8.2 million
Jewish 75%
Arab 20.7%
Others 4.3%

Life Expectancy:
Men - 80.2 years
Women - 84 years

GDP - 2018:
387.717 billion us $

Per capita - 2018:
42,823 $

Nobel Prize:
12 winning scientists & politicians

New Shekel (NIS)

Area Code:

Time zone:
IST (UTC +2)

Summer (DST):
IDT (UTC +3)


Driving is on the right side of the road

The Flag.PNG
Symbol of the state.jpg
National anthem.jpg
Declaration of independence.jpg
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