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Tel Aviv - Jaffa - The City that Never sleeps

Tel Aviv is known as the city that never sleeps. vibrant, brash, and cosmopolitan. 

Tel Aviv-Jaffa is the major metropolis in Israel and the business center of the country. 

The city history began in 1909 when a group of Jaffa residents moved north to build a new city on the sand dunes. 

Tel Aviv is a world heritage site known as the "white City" more Bauhaus building, In Tel Aviv then any other city in the world!!

An incredible collection of architecture stiles and endless places to "hang out" 24 hours a day!!! 

Tel Aviv's cosmopolitan lifestyle is mirrored in the enormous number
and variety of restaurants, cafes, fine museums, lovely parks and beaches, concert halls and theaters, chic shopping malls and boutiques. 

The Carmel Market in the Yemenite Quarter is one of the biggest open air markets in the Middle East. 

The multimedia Beit Hatfutsot, Museum of the Jewish Diaspora,
located on the campus of Tel Aviv University, houses a large store of
information about Jewish life. 

The Ha'aretz-Land of Israel Museum focuses on different aspects of Israel's past. The entire complex is grouped around an excavation site where a Philistine city has been unearthed. 

Tel Aviv museum of arts , the Helene Rubinstein museum of fine arts
and many more As well as some recent history – Palmach museum
and Independence hall – are only the leading museums of the city!! 

Tel Aviv's pride and joy is the Golda Meir Center for the Performing Arts, home to the Israel Opera, dance companies, theater companies and concerts. 

The world famous Israel Philharmonic Orchestra performs at the Mann Auditorium, next to Israel's Habima National Theather. 

In a beautiful neighborhood, Neve Zedek, you can find another cultural center – Suzanne Dellal Dance Center. 

Old Jaffa is an entry to the ancient land of Israel.
Its traditional aromas, a picturesque fishermen's port, ancient churches, beautiful stone buildings, artist's quarter, restaurants and shops. 

You can walk to Jaffa along the Tel Aviv Promenade, which begins in North Tel Aviv and ends at the Jaffa Port. 

In the center of Jaffa you will find the clock square, where you will find the Clock Tower built by the Turkish Sultan Abed – el – Hamid in 1906. 

Near the clock square is the Flea Market where you can wonder through the alleyways of the area, where there are historic buildings of archeological significance. 

Jaffa area is situated on a high hill overlooking the sea and Tel Aviv
from the South – a beautiful sight. 

The alleys of old Jaffa are named after the signs of the Zodiac and it is possible to find there artists galleries and Judaica shops.

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