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Sagi Assedo

Year of birth: 1982

Cell: +972-528-112588


Address: Beit Ha'shitta 42, Bat Heffer, Israel


*Licensed Tour guide, No. 11656: 8 years' of experience in guiding kids, youth, adults and seniors.

*English and Hebrew speaker, interested in guiding incoming groups or locals.

*Creative, Enthusiastic, Theatrical and Inspiring! Great expression ability!    


2012-2014: Tour Guide Course 2 Years of studies and visiting 500 sites in Israel

2014-2015: Office of Education tour guide course allowed to guide Elementary, Middle and High school students in Israel.

2009-2010: Copyrighting Course I have learned there are many ways to get to people mind and heart. I learned the advertising and marketing business and built models for clients.

2006-2009: B.A in New Media and Communication I got to the depth of all sorts of media and how to use it.  I have learned about the needs of all sectors in Israel and how to deliver messages and ideas to them.


2014-2019: I have guided hundreds of tourists and Israelis around the country and worked for several touring agencies like: "Alma Tours", "Itay Tours" "Kishrei Teuffa", "Tsa'ad Kadima" and "Avnei Derech" or for private groups.

2010-2019: I had the privilege to be a senior guide in one of the most wanted site in Israel – Ayalon institute museum (the "bullet factory").
English and Hebrew speakers, families and seniors, students and soldiers were inspired by me.
 I was also as the manager of the contents team, the marketing team, human source office and used as a trainees mentor.

2009-2010: An Account Manager in "Telerom" company. Telerom was giving Telecom outsourcing services in the meeting coordination field.
 I got the privilege to manage the account of 2 big Israeli companies:"Tadiran" and "internet binnat".
 During my work, I mapped and analyzed Geographical areas, in order to find them potential customers, I needed to identify their needs in order to match them the best deals the companies I represented offered.

2008-2009: Regional Sales Manager in "Le'ommek Ha'toda'a" advertising company

The company was giving marketing and advertising services for small and big companies.
 I was concentrating all the company's activities around the Sharon area.
 I have managed group of sales attendants and took care of the visual look of their working stations.

Military service:

 2000-2003: An Infantry Soldier in the Paratroopers Brigade, graduated "commander grades" course and finished my service as a company sergeant major.
 I steal serve in reserve as a Paratrooper until the age of 40.     

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