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Dr. Menachem Merhavy

Experience 18 years


Languages English, German


Extra Knowledge Three World Faiths, History of the Middle East, The Arab-Israeli Conflict


Hobbies Reading, hiking


Menahem is a native Israeli.

His love for learning about Israel motivated him to become a tour guide, which, in turn, progressed to an intellectual journey learning Arabic and Persian and specializing in the modern Middle East.


He earned his PhD from Tel Aviv University,

Department of Middle Eastern and African History in 2012.


After a postdoc fellowship he spent in The University of Texas at Austin, Menahem returned to guiding with ever growing passion.


If you are looking for a deep and up-to-date picture of the complexity of religious and national questions in Israel, Menahem is your man.


Combining knowledge and the pleasure of its dissemination has become Menahem’s hallmark.

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