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NIR NITZAN - Team Leader


Nir is a 3rd generation sabra (Israeli-born), whose great grandfather settled in Israeli more than 100 years ago. Nir's father was a rose farmer and Nir was raised on a collective farm known as a moshav.

He served in the army as commander of a reconnaissance unit and eventually rose to the rank of Lt. Colonel.  Nir still volunteers in the unit that he commanded for almost 20 years.

A licensed tour guide since 1988, Nir has over the years guided a large variety of groups:


  • Political Tours: escorting politicians and focusing on political issues while encountering the reality of the sites. clients included governors from Alabama, North Carolina and Tennessee, to mention a few.

  • Professional Tours: specializing in guiding professionals from all fields of academia, including short, one-day field trips to carefully planned out study tours. Clients have included amongst others ornithologists and photographers of National Geographic.

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tours 

  • Christian Tours and Pilgrimages of almost every denomination for both groups and individuals

  • Desert Survival Tours as well as luxury groups.


For parties of up to 6 passengers Nir uses a spacious, fully air-conditioned 4U Mercedes limousine.


Nir married Hanna since 1983 and a proud father to Noam, Neta & Noa. 


His motto has always been that “From the moment you get back on the plane to fly home, you’ll already miss Israel….”

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