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A 3rd generation Israeli, his great grandfather settled in Israel more than 100 years ago.
He was raised on a Moshav. His father was a rose farmer. 

Nir is Married to Hanna since 1983 and a proud father to Noam, Neta & Noa. 

Nir served in the army as a commander of A reconnaissance unit rank Lot. Col. 
He is still an active volunteer in the unit, he commanded for almost 20 years. 

A licensed Israeli tour guide since 1988. 
Over the years He has guided a large variety of groups:

Political tours - Escorting politicians, focusing political issues wile encountering the reality on the sites. I've guided the Governors of Alabama, N.C. and Tennessee. 

professional tours - Specializing in guiding professionals from all academic fields on short, one-day field trips to carefully planed long researches. such as: Ornithologists And Photographers of National Geographic.

Desert survival tours and up to the...most luxurious possible groups. 

Bar & Bat Mitzvah tours and tours of special focus!! 

Christian tours and pilgrims - of almost every denomination.
Large groups as well as small groups & families. 

With a spacious car designed 4U - A Mercedes limousine, fully air-conditioned,
for up to 6 passengers.  


His motto has been to adopt the right plan to the spirit of every group to maximize the experience.

"So from the moment you get back on the plain
you already miss Israel…."

Nitzan Travel Ltd.

One trip endless memories