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Research and info center

The foundation for Holy land research and informational center

TSince we are always working on new and improved ideas to fit the needs of our touring friends. We found, by the way ,that there is an ever growing need expressed for more accurate info about major subjects concerning life here in Israel. 

So we decided to open a foundation for research and informational purposes.

this endeavor will help us bring you, our friends, more accurate, better and fuller knowledge of some of the most interesting issues we as a nation, have encountered over the years. 

Our goals will be to try and produce as many precise info concerning those issues we understand interest our touring community the most.

If you wish to help us in publishing more products such as those that you can find on our list below, you can simply contact us by mail or phone and order you own copy of a product. Donations for the foundation will be welcomed as well.

List of new available products

(From - Nir Nitzan`s Foundation Products)

The Jewish people and nation is a phenomena that 
has NO similarity that I''m familiar with…

3 thousand years of survival in spite and despite 
of persecutions and were able to preserve very unique culture.

It is my belief and deep understanding that it was 
the guiding hand of God that gave the Jewish people 
a special tool – Jewish Culture and heritage that helped 
this special nation survive.

I have NO illusions – here I have NO good answers BUT God… 
But what I did try to do here was to share with you the basic 
of all Jewish life cycles and holidays.

This presentation will supply for you all you need to know 
about all Jewish holidays and the basic of Judaism. 

The Arab Israeli conflict - PC/CD PRESENTATION 
(From - Nir Nitzan`s Foundation Products)

Creating this presentation ended during the last military operation in Gaza

(January 2009) while my first born is fighting in the midst of Gaza and – myself Old war fox – senior by rank and days…was forced to stay behind and to pray for his (and his friends) fast and safe return.

These were the days that NOT only the front was fighting

as some of those rockets fall in my town – one only couple hundred yards from home…

In this very days the conflict gets so much more into it…

It is my strong belief that every man and woman desires and has the rights – to dwell safely in their homes – nevertheless – kids (and civilians too) are getting heart and die from this "loose loose " situation.

In this presentation we choose to show the conflict on a time line

while considering military , political and economical issues

and expressing some cultural issues.

It was only during last March that I spoke of this and the situation as I see it in the middle east to several various crowds – Jews and Christians who all supports Israel and wishes to understand better.

You are all invited to take a look into this complicated issue and learn more. 
We will be glad to mail this educational kit to you!!!

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