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News and Special projects

News and Special projects

Here you will all be able to learn more about special projects and intresting news 
Choose from the list to learn more:

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Israel GDP 2015

Israel is one of the most developed market economies with substantial, though diminishing government participation. The main driver of the economy is science and technology sector. As such, its manufacturing and agriculture, despite limited natural resources, is highly developed and sophisticated.
Based on data from the British Economist's information, called "The World in 2015" Israel crossed the threshold of the month to $ 40,000 with a per capita GDP of $ 40,620, which we have not experienced before. This is a new achievement for us and we are very proud.

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Farewell Joker 

He is stubborn, fond caresses and can spend all his daily routine watching the dolphins play. For years Joker the dog, one of the residents recognized pitch and the entire city. Recently he died of cancer. Dolphin Reef Eilat, on the shores of the Red Sea, is an ecological site unique in Israel and throughout the world where visitors can enjoy a natural atmosphere, magical views, together with the unusual opportunity of meeting and observing dolphins in their natural habitat…Read more

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Birds of January

Barak Granit, 08/02/2015
As often happens, the month's birding activity was very high at its first two thirds, and the last third was characterized by birders' fatigue. But the appearance of the long-awaited Red-billed Teal at the end of the month, although its natural origin is deeply questioned, stirred up the local birding community from its short hibernation. Read more 

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Boutique revolution puts Israeli wines on world map 

Sales of Israeli wines bring in between $300 and $350 million per year, about 10% from overseas exports. According to French wine expert Marc Dworkin, Israel is 'a small country where each wine-producing region is more interesting than the last.'

Israeli wine exports mainly to the United States, Britain and France.
Wine has been produced in the Holy Land for millennia but local production underwent a revival at the end of the 19th century, thanks to Baron Edmond James de Rothschild, a French Jewish billionaire philanthropist who owned the iconic Chateau Lafite in Bordeaux.

Read more,7340,L-4617935,00.html

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Israeli spelunkers spy treasure in secret Galilee cave 

A month after divers discovered the largest cache of gold coins in Israel’s history on the Caesarea coast, three members of the Israel Caving Club found a cache of silver and bronze in a cave in the Galilee. The treasure has been dated to the Hellenistic period, approximately 2,300 years ago.

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22/10/2012 Temple Shaaray Tefila's Bikers in Israel 

TST Bike Israel 2012...

Dear friends, שלום and welcome 
We were so happy to lead this voyage of the
Temple Shaaray Tefila's Bikers in Israel again 

You can click here to see how 13 congregants, led by Rabbi Nevarez, venture the roads, valleys, and mountains of Israel by bike….
read all about the journey in the community's blog

שיהיה לכם טיול מקסים Have a graet time

Remember, we do this all as an Inspiring tzedakah project 
and if you are so inspired to support our riding cause, 
please donate 

For more info on this amazing tzedakah project, click here

Rabbi Nevarez and the TST Riders

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16/10/2010 Temple Shaaray Tefila's Bikers in Israel 

TST Bike Israel 1

Dear friends, שלום and welcome 
We are so happy to lead this voyage of the
Temple Shaaray Tefila's Bikers in Israel

Soon we will tell you more...
in the meantime you can enjoy the pics and
read all about the journey in the community's blog

שיהיה לכם טיול מקסים Have a graet time

Remember, we do this all for the children of Tel Aviv, 
and if you are so inspired to support our riding cause, 
please donate 

Rabbi Nevarez and the TST Riders

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19/04/2010 celebrating Israel Independence 

143 years ago Mark Twain was here ….

Dear friends, 

In less than 150 years the Zionist movement is fulfilling prophesies!!
The desert is blooming, 
the streets are bustling with people – noisy children creating our future, Jews from the 4 corners of the world.

High-Tec empire – science – literature - mixed with 3 thousand years of history.

We are celebrating our independence
once again with endless pride for our achievements, 
with clear sight of what we have not done right and needs correcting, 
with great excitement for the future.

3rd generation on the ground , having the great privilege to live on the land purchased by my great grandfather - my oldest just finished his obligations to the country and came home after 4 long years with the army ,my second just joined…

I'm amazed at the great miracle … 
only 143 years ago – Mark twain saw here desert and swamps – desolated land…. And now my little garden is blooming with colorful flowers. 

This great miracle reminds me again of the enormous resources God gave us of Great Spirit and desire to improve, with the total believe in our ability and in the divine providence we can accomplish here what seems to be impossible.

Only one week after the holocaust Memorial Day commemorating the six millions, and Memorial Day right this day… It is SO much clearer that the price was not in vain.

The BEST of our youth as well as mothers fathers siblings – was paid to afford this independence – the price of the miracle…

This is one of the sources of the great energy we have to keep on and make this place better.

I wish you all – myself included – a happy independence day!!!

Lots of joy and self fulfillment!!!


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20/01/2009 More news... 

less than two-miles west of the Gaza Strip, outside several residences at 

Kibbutz Saad that were evacuated due to repeated bombardment by Hamas 

and other Palestinian terrorists.

Rabbi Isaac Jeret interviewed me about the prevailing assumption that 

should Israel defeat Hamas, a two-state solution, with security for Israel.

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06/01/2009 More news... 

Dear friends, 

When I was asked to write few weeks ago I was at the time very busy guiding a tour

in Israel and thought – I''ll find – something to write about … After all living in the Middle East create endless opportunities to write… 

It can always be about new highly successful "start up" in high Tech, or brand new

extra good wine that just came out…. YET – this time it is a bit more – personal…

My son Noam (my first born and pride...)

is fighting at the Gaza strip…as I'm writing these lines

30 long years of service - commanding a reconecens Unit,

could not prepare me for the fear of a father for his kids…

I have celebrated 50 years on the ground of my beloved country just few days ago… 
Have been a soldier for more then 30 years and nothing prepares you to the fear for your kids, as one of my friends once said

"it would have been easier to serve again then send our kids"…

for any of you not "glued" to the events then it has been now more then 10 days that Israel is standing at the very front line of the war of the western/sane world against fundamental Islam and terrorism – Hamas!! 

It has now been long 8 years that a certain area of Israel has been under constant, daily attacks by evil terrorist enemy. launching rockets on to civilians without any provocation from Israel side… 

This situation is "promoted" by Hamas, the legal governing body of the Palestinians.

hamas was elected, democratically by them and forcefully – kicked out their old administration…

While my son and his friends are "pinpoint" searching for Hamas  terrorists
They are shooting our citizens…launching rockets on to civilians 

The new Hamas leaders are constantly hiding under the hospitals and behind their civilians…

A leadership that ever since came to power leads its people,

to terror and destruction every single day!! 

While on our side – a jet comes back to base after dropping it's bombs in the sea

since there were civilians on the target…

Our army makes phone calls to Hamas leader to warn them that they become targets

what other army or nation warns its targets?? 

Israel pulled out of the Gaza strip 3 years ago.

pulling out of the ground Jewish settlers leaving behind flourishing agriculture…

Instead of turning all this into flourishing income. 

Hamas turned it all into mine fields and booby traps…  
While Israel's economy who has NO resources grows every year.

the Palestinians who's brothers has MOST of the worlds oil

are going backwards every year…investing their resources and efforts

in destruction and death…  

It is important in my opinion to remember – it is now my son who fights for world's sanity.

BUT – it is not my privet fear – Hamas terrorism threatens all of us!! It is simply my turn… 

BUT we are here to live our lives and to stay, terror will not frighten us!!! 

It was – last night that I was interviewed to ACLJ radio talking about the "situation"

It was only this morning that a rocket fall only 500 yards from my house

injuring a 3 month old baby… 

Psalm 23 
The LORD, the Psalmist''s Shepherd. A Psalm of David. 

The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want. 
He makes me lie down in green pastures; 
He leads me beside quiet waters. 
He restores my soul; 
He guides me in the paths of righteousness For His name's sake. 
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, 
I fear no evil, for You are with me; 
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. 

All the BEST to you and yours!! 

N i r   N i t z a n

Tel. 011-972-8-8594193 
Fax. 011-972-8-8596229 
Cell. 011-972-52-2721455 

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Riders for Rambam October 19, 2008 in Israel. 

Eight members of Temple Shaaray Tefila will begin a ten day, 350 mile biking adventure.

In the spirit of Tikkun Olam (fixing that which is broken in the world), we have selected the 

Children''s Hospital Medical Clowns Project of Rambam Hospital in Haifa to be the
recipient of our fund raising efforts. 

This initiative brings clowns to the oncology ward, using their skills to entertain the children, providing them and their families a much needed respite through laughter, compassion,
and joy. 

Our riders, Jeff Kohn, Hugh Lewis, Bonnie Loewenstein, Barbara Merson, Rabbi Jason Nevarez, Jon Roberts, Lisa Roberts and Ken Stern, ask that you support this most worthy program and help us put a smile on a child's face by making a donation to Temple Shaaray Tefila .

RIDING FOR RAMBAM in honor of one or all of our riders. 
Of course, donations can still be mailed to the Temple office. 

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