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Morris Dahan

Born 1960 in Safed the seventh child to a family of eight that "just" came from Morocco and got hardly any formal education!! Ever since childhood was attracted to art in general and painting in particular. Morris is an autodidact who never studied "proper" art but his naïve art in its vivid colors "concord" every heart!! Morris who loves his city, its colorful narrow streets and the dramatic terrain as well as his freedom of any school is a charming artist in a small gallery. Morris also does some of his on kind of microcaligraphy.

Painting in water colors that are "not forgiving" Morris has been very successful and his art decorate many art collection in privet collection all over the world.

These are samples only, Each and every one of the art pieces you'll see Can fulfill your hearts with joy and bring the art from Israel to your home. Ordering, or seeing more of the artists work can be coordinate with us.

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